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Meet Dr Fauzia Khan

The Fractional Skin Resurfacing treatment comes recommended as it is a highly potent collagen stimulator, which gives the skin a tighter, firmer and younger appearance.

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Dr Fauzia Khan

Dermatologist & Laser Consultant

Available Tuesday – Saturday

How does a consultation work?

The consultation process begins with an in-depth photo session on our advanced computerised skin analysis system, which looks beneath the epidermis and dermis to gauge the extent of damage that may have been caused over the years due to genetic, medical and life-style factors such as sun damage, pollution, diet and excessive use of over-the-counter cosmetics.  While this damage may not be apparent at this stage, it is likely to rise to the surface in the near future resulting in the possibility of irreversible damage.  Hence, we tend to work on the principle of prevention first.  The results from the skin analysis system enables us to put together a plan of treatments customized for each individual client and aimed at achieving the goals that you have set for yourself over a reasonable time period and within your budget.  Remember there are no overnight solutions; skin damage incurred over a number of years will take time and require perseverance to correct.  Follow up reviews and aftercare are equally important to maintain progress.

What is your experience in Dermatology and Aesthetics?

Post MBBS, I specialised in Clinical Dermatology obtaining an MSc from St. John’s Institute of Dermatology (University of London) and trained at St. Thomas’ and Guys Hospitals in London. Following that, I practised as a Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Physician and Laser Consultant for many years in the Middle East before resuming practise in the U.K.  With over twenty-five years of experience in cosmetic dermatology using laser, IPL, plasma, and radio-frequency technology, and a roster of over a thousand international clients, I also engaged in empirical research with a leading European laser/IPL manufacturer aimed at producing new products that would enhance client safety and treatment efficiency.  This research resulted in the worldwide launch in 2004 of one of the first Hair Removal Applicators for Dark Skin.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy writing on the subject of aesthetics in international and national press. I often give talks to select groups on the safe and efficient use of lasers, intense pulsed light and infrared technology on human skin.  I also take part in international charity projects.

What is your motto?

To merge science with art to make my clients look their best without spending a fortune.


“If you’re unclear then google Binsina. Dial the number and get your VISIA with the amazing Dr Khan…It doesn’t stop with the most recent new technology, you have a range of products along with a top class Doctor to give you the best knowledge of how to get the best results out of them. A huge thankyou Binsina you have changed my life completely

Faloan Padme Balle, Facebook

“As a Doctor myself I ensured I was getting the best treatment from an experienced and trustworthy dermatologist and Dr Khan is undoubtedly that. I had sublative treatment performed for the first time 6 weeks ago and I am very impressed with the glow and plumpness of my skin in such a short time. Dr Khan like myself is a perfectionist and I am very impressed with her clinic, the procedure and the result. I am returning tomorrow for another session and anticipate even better results! “

Alex Mann, Facebook

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Launching Spring 2019

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is known as the ‘lunchtime laser facial’ as it is quick and has no down time meaning skin has a radiant glow immediately.

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Beauty Secret from Dr Khan

To deal with pigmentation, the first and most vital element is sun protection. Ensure to apply a broad spectrum sun block with a factor of minimum 50. Reapplying the sunblock is also important

Dr Fauzia Khan

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