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Laser Genesis by Cutera

Laser Genesis is known as the ‘lunchtime laser facial’ as it is quick and has no down time meaning skin has a radiant glow immediately. Cutera’s Laser Genesis is known to dramatically improve years of accumulated sun damage, fine lines, age spots and supports collagen production after a number of successive sessions.

Laser genesis targets superficial skin, polishing and revitalising the epidermal layer. For many, Laser Genesis is a very effective treatment in targeting acne and acne scars.

Laser Hair Reduction

At Binsina, we use the latest award winning laser platforms which are approved safe, effective and powerful for optimal results. We have different laser platforms, so we can provide the best laser wavelength for different skin tones and hair types. We also offer a laser platform which provides a blend of different wavelengths thus targeting all hair situated in the layers of our skin.

The rate of hair growth and density varies between individuals and are influenced by a myriad of factors including age, hormonal status, genetics and dietary factors. The laser beam of high intensity light penetrates deep into the skin tissue where it delivers a controlled amount of targeted therapeutic heat.

Our lasers also have the reputation of being pain-free simply because all our lasers have fitted cooling devices to cool the treated area. The individual care given by our team is an integral part in delivering optimal results. We offer competitive pricing on laser hair removal including discounted package deals.

You must be 18 and above for laser treatments at Binsina, and a patch test is mandatory prior to your treatment.

Limelight Treatment

The Limelight laser treatment is one of the best treatments targeting skin rejuvenation. It is useful for reducing UV brown spots, freckles, superficial pigmentation, age spots, redness and telangiectasia (tiny veins) on the face, neck or decollate area.

Hair Free by Summer

Laser hair removal prices start from as little as £40 per session


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A special thanks to Dr Khan for recommending the right treatment for my skin and loving the laser genesis treatment. For an artist, the skin is so important always. Finished my third one and already see a difference. A very special team with brilliant customer care

Abirami Kathak

My skin is 95 percent cured because of the lasers at your clinic. Highly recommended

Deana Uppal

For nearly my entire life I have suffered from severe acne and eczema. Recently my acne had got so bad that I locked myself away due to extreme low self-esteem. Over the many years I had tried many treatments and creams and all it did was worsen my skin. I then recently heard of Binsina and consulted them about my skin with minimal hope that it’ll help. And it did absolute WONDERS. I had a series of laser genesis treatment and as a result I am now an upcoming model in the South Asian community and I have never been so confident. I can’t thank Binsina enough for what it’s done to my present and future. I 100% recommend this place to EVERYONE.

Lavy Rathy, Facebook

Having had laser treatment elsewhere before it left pigmentation all over my skin and especially my face which I was very self-conscious about. I went to Binsina Laser Clinic and I’ve had 5 hair removal treatments already and the difference and results are remarkable! I noticed the difference in hair growth and skin after 2 sessions. I couldn’t be any more happier with my results and recommend for anyone to try this place. It’s very professional and staff are very accommodating!

Anjalee Jivraj, Google Review

I am very pleased with the laser hair treatment I received at Binsina Clinic. The staff is highly trained and Dr Khan is very dedicated to the patients. I cannot recommend this place enough

Leyla Kaddour, Google Review

After spending a lot of money and time at another clinic for hair removal and not achieving the results I was hoping for, I finally came to Binsina Clinic and I am so glad that I did. I have had full body laser hair removal sessions and finally feel confident with my body as the hair has drastically reduced. The staff here are so lovely, especially Rasa and the amazing Sandeep. I feel so comfortable and know they have my best interests at heart!

Aishah Yasin, Google Review

Hands down the best place where I get my laser from. The results are amazing!

Jawaad Ashraf

Since childhood I’ve always been self-conscious about my freckles, I tried several methods such as creams and lotions to get rid of them but they never worked. Then I came across Binsina clinic and my life changed forever. Dr Khan is a very professional and catered to my needs and very friendly. After just a few treatments my freckles were disappeared completely! It was like a miracle. I even use their products which are really good. After getting these results, I recommended it to my friends and family who there on a regular now and are pleased with the service they receive. I will keep using their products and I recommend it to you all if you want any kind of treatment or products. Dr Khan is the best consultant and Binsina is the best clinic for you. Best wishes to Binsina Clinic and Dr Khan thanks for everything I’m forever grateful

Afreen Malik, Facebook

Family member referred me to the clinic as I suffered badly with sun spots on my face forehead, temple, around the eyes and cheek bones. Following an initial in-depth consultation with Dr Khan, I opted for the six treatment package. Although it is painful the results are worthwhile. I didn’t need the full 6 treatments. The results started becoming noticeable after a couple of treatments. The final result is fantastic. It’s taken years off and given me greater confidence about my appearance. Clinic itself is compact and clean. Staff are friendly too. Thanks BLC!

Tahir, Google Review<

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