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Leg Vein Removal

What are Leg Veins?

These are the swollen veins clearly visible under the skin surface. They can be blue, red or flesh-coloured. They can occur in any part of the body, but usually in the thighs, inside of the leg, back of the calves and especially behind the knees.



If not treated at an early stage, they can develop into larger, more twisted and knotted veins, which can be mildly painful, contain blood clots (Superficial thrombophlebitis), skin ulcers (sores), and other problems.


What causes Leg Veins to Develop?

The heart pumps oxygen-enriched blood through arteries to all parts of the body to allow body’s tissues to remain healthy and maintain growth. Veins are blood vessels that carry blood back from the body’s tissues to the heart. Veins have one-way valves that help keep blood flowing towards the heart. If the valves are weak or damaged, blood can back up and pool in the veins causing the veins to swell, which if untreated can cause varicose veins. The leg vein walls can also weaken during this process where superficial cuts can cause bleeding.


Leg veins can be caused by several factors including overweight and obesity, family history, older age, gender (50% – 55% of women, and 40% – 45% men are prone to develop leg veins), pregnancy, hormonal changes (birth control pills and medicines containing estrogen and progesterone taken during puberty, pregnancy and menopause), and lack of movement (disability or sedate life style).


How do we treat Leg Veins?

At Binsina Laser Clinic, we use the US FDA approved Cutera CoolGlide laser technology to treat leg veins. The Coolglide combines the ideal laser wavelength with the most flexible parameters to deliver a superior vascular laser system. It treats a broad range of vessels from tiny spider veins to deep blue reticular veins quickly, safely, and effectively. Patients with dark, light or tanned skin can experience outstanding results with minimal bruising or blistering.


Treatment of Leg Veins






What types of veins can be treated?

The Cutera CoolGlide can remove unsightly veins from all parts of the body. Small veins on legs and other parts of the body as well as facial veins (or “telangiectasia”) can be treated quickly without bruising or complication. Strong bursts of light onto the vein through the skin can make these veins slowly fade and disappear.


What do the treatments feel like?

The heat from the light can be slightly painful but the cooling process that follows helps reduce the pain. Some redness and swelling on the treated area can be expected post the treatment but this normally disappears within a few days. While rare, some skin discoloration may be noticed on the treated area, but this is normally a temporary condition and disappears within one to two months.



How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments is dictated by the severity of the case. Normally three to four treatments are needed to improve the leg vein condition; however, in some cases two treatments have achieved the desired result. Each treatment lasts for about 30 minutes. No needles are used and no incisions made. There is no downtime with this treatment.


When will I see the results?

Results depend upon the age and condition of the skin. Some patients start to see early results over a period of 1 – 2 weeks. Others may take longer to see improvements. Further improvements continue to be observed for several months of the treatment.


Are there any side effects?

Generally, there are minimum side effects such as slight redness or mild swelling in the treated area, which is normally temporary. In some cases they can last from one to two days. Patients are advised not to expose the treated area to direct sunlight, very hot water and abrasive cleansers for some time. For best results it is recommended that patients always use a sunscreen of SPF 30+ when outdoors. Patients are strongly advised to follow post-care instructions provided by the Clinic to minimize risks and achieve desired results.


What are the benefits of Non-Surgical Leg Vein Removal treatments?

  • No cutting or puncturing of the skin
  • No surgery required
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Minimal risk of change in skin
  • May be used for all skin types
  • Minimal or no downtime

*Benefits and risks may vary from case to case basis and will depend on size and type of skin being treated, age, hereditary, medical, hormonal and life style factors.


How do Binsina’s treatments compare with those of other laser treatments?

Most laser procedures generally treat one or two skin conditions such as red or brown spots, or skin laxity. At Binsina Laser Clinic, we take a comprehensive approach to individually treating all common skin conditions such as age spots, sun damage, enlarged pores, acne and acne scars, pigmentation and melasma, stretch marks, fine lines and coarse wrinkles, thread and leg vein removal as well as skin laxity. There is a different treatment approach to each skin condition and the best treatment or combination of treatments can be advised by your dermatologist at Binsina Laser Clinic.


If you suffer from any of these and other skin conditions and want advice, please call us today at 020 8424 0736 to book a consultation with our dermatologist.

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