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UD12, Greenford

So far I have done 5 sessions of laser removal at the clinic and I am so pleased with the achieved results. The staff are ever so polite and helpful and they are extremely careful and know what’s the best for you. I have followed all their instructions and never had a problem after treatments. The redness caused by the laser usually goes away same day. I am looking forward to completion of my last session and enjoying my skin with NO hair


Alexandra G., London

I was highly impressed with Binsina Laser Clinic and found the service to be outstanding. Dr. Khan not only cares about the client, but is a gifted dermatologist with a wonderful attitude/approach. I feel very lucky to have found this place. An excellent job was done, and I would greatly recommend this clinic.


Rachel C., London

I had suffered from pigmentation problems for years until I was referred to Dr Khan at Binsina Laser Clinic. After three months of treatment, 80% of the pigmentation has gone and I have regained my confidence. I highly recommend anyone wiith pigmentation problems to see Dr Khan.


K. Patel, Hatchend

Only half way through my treatment, and the results are already fantastic! Never thought I would see so much change in so little time. Dr Khan and her team are extremely professional and knowledgeable, with a friendly approach, which makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk into the clinic. I would highly recommend Dr Khan to everyone, no matter how young or old. TIP: Book a package of treatments, as opposed to individual procedures. Apart from the savings, you will want to keep on going back, once you see the results!


R. Aylesha, London

Came to Dr Khan after many unsuccessful stretch mark treatments elsewhere. A In depth consultation and was booked in the next week! After one treatment , i was amazed. My stretch marks had significantly faded. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t get rid of your stretch marks! Because the sublative laser works! Thank you! You have literally changed my life! Just that extra bit of confidence has done wonders. The entire team/staff are so friendly and kind! Cannot recommend this clinic enough! Thank you so much for everything! Will be back for future treatment.


Mrs F. Zorm, London

I have just had my fourth treatment for resurfacing my skin. After suffering with severe acne as a teen my skin was left with visible pits on my face. After an initial consultation with Dr. Khan which was extremely helpful and advised me on the best treatment. I decided to go ahead with the Sublative treatment. I am someone which will not continue something unless I see physical results and I have seen such a huge difference to my skin which is also a huge difference to my self esteem. Worth the money! Highly recommended.


S. Landon, London

After three treatments with the new system, I can see the results. My neck and decolletage lines have started to fade. This anti-ageing treatment at Binsina Laser Clinic is highly recommended.


Juhi S., London

I have been going here for years and it is just amazing! Dr Khan is one of the best dermatologists around and she really makes me feel special and welcome whenever I go there. The treatments also are really effective and I would recommend this clinic to anybody!


Mandeep, London

I really thank Dr Khan and Binsina Laser Clinic for giving me the confidence and self-esteem after treating my pigmentation. I can now go on in public with confidence.


Lynne Tiney, London

Finding Dr. Khan was a complete breakthrough for me, after years and years of suffering with acne and rosacea, I can now proudly say that my skin has never looked so good! It is clear and healthy with no trace of the acne and rosacea that had blighted me for literally decades. My facial lines have also been reduced dramatically as a bonus, and my skin is glowing! I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Khan. She puts people before profit and has a professional and caring manner. I can recommend Binsina Laser Clinic unreservedly.

Beverley, London

Dear Dr. Khan

I’m just writing to let you know how impressed I was with the skin firming treatment I had recently at your clinic. It was carried out in a friendly and very professional manner. I really felt that during our consultation, you advised me on the best treatment for my skin. The procedure was painless and resulted in no downtime, yet the effects were noticeable immediately. My cheekbones look more defined, my skin feels much firmer and overall more youthful. With each treatment, my skin has improved. I can’t tell you how pleased and impressed I’ve been with the results. I have had so many compliments.

Patricia Phillips (Harrow)

Hi Dr. Khan

I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s treatment. I have been feeling and seeing the benefits ever since. It was well worth the trip up to see you.

Ganesh Bilimoria (London)

Hi Dr. Khan,

I really thank you for treating my acne problem, which I have had for many years. I had previously consulted several GP’s who provided topical ointments and antibiotics during bouts of severe skin eruptions. But these treatments bore temporary results. Your treatments have produced the results.

Rachel Chaptai, Essex

Dear Dr. Khan,

Many thanks for treating my hyperpigmentation. I am glad I came to you for professional advice and treatment.

Antonia, Luxembourg

Hi Doctor,

Your treatments brought amazing results. 80% of my acne scars have gone. I am really happy and feel confident. Thank you very much.

E. Rowley, London

Binsina Laser Clinic! Thank you for changing my life. I had tried everything to make me look better, but nothing worked, until I cam to you. You have performed the most amazing treatments and changed my life.
S. Coulzwell, London

The proof is, of course, in the pudding. The treatments have enhanced the plumpness in my skin and completely reduced facial lines. This has enhanced a youthful appearance. My recommendations are for the personalized treatments with Dr. Fauzia.
J. B. Style (former Miss Ireland)

My skin has never looked as good, and everyone should know the secret, which is Binsina Laser Clinic. Having gotten married recently, I know that every bride wants their skin to glow. The team at Binsina helped me achieve this with their expert advice and treatments.
Fauzia, Coventary

Unbelievable results in just three sessions! With my Asian skin I wasn’t having much luck in finding the right clinic for hair removal. Finally, I was told about Binsina Laser Clinic, a professional clinic, with friendly staff and run by doctors. They have made an amazing difference in my life. The results are excellent and I feel much better about myself.
Sonal Joshi, London

At last a clinic that has delivered results! After years of searching and trying out different treatments, it’s a great relief to find a clinic that is run by doctors and not beauty therapists. Most importantly, a clinic that understands Asian skin from inside out and delivers results that is quite outstanding.
Irum Raja, London

I have been treated at Binsina Laser Clinic for both laser hair removal and hyperpigmentation problems. After a thorough assessment of my skin situation, Dr Khan explained in lay man’s terms the exact treatments required and the costs involved in my personal skin care programme. I have had three hair removal sessions and my hair have disappeared. After a course of three “limelight” treatments, the areas of hyperpigmentation have reduced by 80%. It is difficult to put into words the affect this has had on my confidence levels. The changes are noticeable even to the most undiscerning eye as even those will comment on how “healthy” my skin is looking. Dr Fauzia’s level of pre- and post-treatment care is highly commendable and her warm and approachable manner makes you feel at ease. She has also nurtured the same qualities in her staff. I highly recommend Binsina.

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